Sunday, 15 February 2015


Wow!  We have been slammed with another winter storm.  We have so much snow in our yard, I am not sure where any more will go.  Oh well.   All is warm and cosy inside.  There has been lots of knitting.

Especially sock knitting.  This pair will be gifted. They were made with Kroy Sock Yarn from my long ago stash and 2.5mm needles

Another pair on the go are for my son.  These are worsted weight, made with Patons Classic and 4mm, 48 stitches.  Also made from stash odds and ends.  I had a helper today.

And another pair off the needles.  I believe these were made with an Opal yarn that I have had for ages.  Ball band missing but they had aloe added.  I do remember that.  They are super warm and snuggly and I think they will be mine. I am joining a monthly sock challenge with Buckaloo View and this will be February's contribution. I know, I am joining late but better late than never, right?

I am hoping to join along with Alice at #personalmysterysockclub on Instagram. You pick a sock yarn per month from your stash and surprise yourself by picking premade kits. It sounds like a good way to motivate yourself to use stash sock yarn.  I have some that has been around for quite awhile.

I also have plans to make some crazy socks with some of my leftovers.  They have been accumulating over the years.  I do make baby and toddler socks but I never seem to get anywhere in my leftover tiny balls.

Anyway, that's whats been going on here.  Hibernating, knitting and staying warm.

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