Wednesday, 6 May 2015

End of April

I forgot to post this last week but decided to do it this week anyway.  This was from April 27, early last week.  We still had lots of snow in our yard and had a light snowfall in the morning as you can see below.  It did not last for more than a few hours, thank goodness.  This week, it is full on spring.  We have had sun with temperatures in the low 20'sC.  Most of the snow is now gone and living is starting to move outside.  I love this time of year.

I finished my Barn Sweater and am just waiting for buttons.  I love it.  It fits really well, I love the colour and it was a joy to knit.  I am thinking of a black or charcoal grey for fall.

I did finish these socks.  They were for Buckaloo View sock challenge and I did not finish until Sunday, May 3 and just posted last night.  As I said, these last few weeks got away from me. We have had computer issues and installed a new photo program which took awhile to figure out.  I am not that experienced when it comes to these things. I like it when things stay the same!

Anyway, that sums up what is going on around here.  I will be back soon with what I am working on now.  Around here, we are all following the sun.

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