Friday, 6 March 2015

Basic Cowl

Just finished this basic cowl. While in my Local Yarn Shop about a month ago, I saw this yarn and fell in love.  It is soft and nubby and lovely.  The colours are soft and lovely as well.  I had no plans for it so decided that I have been wearing my old cowl every day;  time for something new.

This is worsted weight Bamboo Bloom Handpaints.  I have never seen it before or heard of it but trust me,  it is delicious. I mixed this with natural Lady Godiva by Handmaiden Yarns which is some of the softest yarn I have ever used. I did this because I was not sure I had enough for a long, wrap around cowl.  I was basing this cowl on a Noro one that I made several years ago.  I really love that cowl.  This one does not have the stretchability that the Noro one does and only wraps around twice instead of the Noro 3 times. Oh well.  I cast on 220 st using 6mm needles and did 6 rows of garter followed by stocking stitch for 8 rows and then 4 rows of garter, etc.  until I was ready to bind off and then 8 rows of garter.  Nothing exciting.  Plain and basic which describes me to a T.  I use to try all types of patterns but I am finding that I come back to the basics more and more.

It is a glorious sunny day here and I am off for the weekend.  Look out knitting, here I come.

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