Monday, 2 March 2015

current knits

I have several knits almost finished.

The snowflinga hat by Jenny Gordy.  I love this hat.  I think I will make many in the future.  It is a quick, easy and satisfying knit.  It is made with worsted weight and 4mm and 5mm so very quick.  I think it is that style of hat that may be flattering to many.

A pair of socks for granddaughter that is so close to being finished.  Just the last toe; maybe later today.

And finally, a hat for granddaughter.  Her favourite colour is purple, right now at least.  This is the Sid Beanie by Tikki Knits; a free pattern.  I am using stash Berrocco Vintage DK.  3.5mm and 4mm.  Another soft, quick and satisfying knit.  It won't take long to finish this either.  Hopefully in a day or two, these three will be off the needles and something new will be on.

I am looking forward to starting these socks for #personalmysterysockchallenge with Alice on instagram.  Onwards and upwards.  Have a great day.

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  1. Fun! The snowflnga hat is definitely one of my favorites. I wear it constantly when it's cold outside.