Friday, 20 March 2015

crafting space

I love seeing photos and info about people's crafting areas.  Some are fortunate to have a room or studio, I have what could be called a nook.  Don't get me wrong, I am very lucky indeed to have this space of my own.  The space alone will often inspire me and I spend time on a regular basis going through my yarns and other yarn related belongings. I don't have a huge stash and try not to acquire too much in the way of tools and books.  That said, I do have a fairly large selection of needles, many of which were given to me.  Books and magazines are kept to a minimum as I find I don't tend to knit from them. Mostly I buy or use free patterns online.  It does tend to get rather messy as I am often looking for something and things get ripped apart.

Anyway, this is my space. Knitting is such a huge part of my life and has been for 30 years so I feel it deserves a special place.  My knitting is given as gifts regularly so I think of what I do have as an investment.

A couple of quick pictures of the snow we had this week.  People are very overwhelmed and understandably fed up. The fact that it is beautiful is no longer working for folks.  It is just a lot of work to go anywhere and do anything. But Nature is amazing, isn't it?  I was in the basement where it is darkish and noticed my calla lilies were peaking out of the soil.  They know its time to start growing.  Wondrous! Happy First day of Spring and also International day of Happiness. Make the most of it.

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